Hi, I'm Kelly! 

...a wedding and touring music photographer living in Oakland, California but born & raised in the great Pacific Northwest.

I am a firm believer in never losing your youth. Genuine curiosity for humanity and zest for life--splashed with a hint of weirdness--have always been my approach to this existence. I'm the happiest with a camera in front of my face while experiencing something magical with other people, whether that be at a concert, wedding, or in the great outdoors! 

My favorite clients are lovers of music and the people they surround themselves with. My personality is laid back and my style is photojournalistic, so genuine human connection is also extremely important to me. I will put my "let's get shit done" pants on when it's time to wrangle the fam and wedding party for group photos, but I am all about that balance and letting you enjoy your day without being painfully aware that there is a photographer lurking nearby.

Want your wedding party to be posed like a band? I got you. Want a photographer who will be your friend and dance with you at the end of the night? Here I am! 

As a former event planner, details are my jam, and I am more than happy to help you plan your day to make the most of your wedding photography. 

That's about enough out of me for now. If I sound like a good fit, get in touch and let's talk about you

Psssst... Planning a Seattle wedding? I will waive your travel fees so I can visit home more often!

Photo by Kurt Cuffy

Oh, you're still here! Let's dive deeper, shall we? (They tell me that's good for SEO or something.)

I've had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember, but my first true love was music. In high school, my best friends and I started Rain City Ambience--a Seattle-based music blog dedicated to promoting local artists that, thanks to an awesome staff, still exists over 12 years later. It was through RCA that I obtained photo passes and began exploring my career as a music photographer.

Professionally, I have my Bachelor's in Business Adminstration from the University of Washington, and post-college I worked in Marketing for Zumiez, planning events and booking the musical artists for various internal events and our annual summer tour. After the big Z, I worked for professional music photographer Adam Elmakias for 4 years, managing his merchandise and business, coordinating our activation and traveling on Warped Tour 2015, and studying his eye for capturing the perfect moment. In late 2015, I decided to finally pursue my own freelance career, and in 2016 I toured with Neck Deep as their photographer and The Wonder Years as photographer/VIP coordinator. 2017 has been the year of the wedding so far, and I'm loving every minute of it, but balancing touring and weddings is the ultimate goal.

Fun facts!

I live with my boyfriend Kirby and our convergence of 3 cats in West Oakland. We moved here for Kirby's cannabis business in late 2016. 

I just lost my Burning Man virginity and finally understand why people love it so so so much. Take me back for your wedding and let's be friends for life. 

Favorite bands: Minus The Bear, Balance & Composure, Manchester Orchestra, and an ever-evolving cast of Seattle and Bay Area hip hop artists. 

Favorite TV shows: Silicon Valley, Rick & Morty, and Game of Thrones. 

Favorite hobbies: Skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing, exploring, writing, watching people play music in any capacity, frolicking, playing video games, tending to my plant babies, meeting new people, and enjoying a fine glass of whiskey. 

Karrah Kobus took this photo on a road trip from Seattle to Oregon in 2015. #classica900