Bonjourno! My name is Kelly Mason, and I am a wedding and touring music photographer from Seattle but living in Oakland, California. 

I've had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember, but my first true love was music. In high school, my best friends and I started Rain City Ambience--a Seattle-based music blog dedicated to promoting local artists that, thanks to an awesome staff, still exists over 12 years later. It was through RCA that I obtained photo passes and flourished as a music photographer.

Weddings were a natural progression for me; as soon as my friends started getting engaged, along came "hey, I know you like taking photos of like, everything, so do you want to shoot our wedding?" to which I said "uh, are you talking to the right person right now?" and immediately started sweating. If there's one area of photography that universally scares the crap out of 'togs from other industries, it's weddings. With such an important day on the line, it was crucial for me to learn the ins and outs to make sure to provide the best possible experience to clients before marketing myself as a wedding photographer.

Professionally, I have a BA in Business Adminstration from the University of Washington, and post-college I worked in Marketing for Zumiez, planning events and booking the musical artists for various internal events and our annual summer tour. After Zumiez, I worked for professional music photographer Adam Elmakias for 4 years, managing his merchandise, coordinating our activation and traveling on Warped Tour 2015, and studying his eye for capturing the perfect moment. In late 2015, I decided to finally pursue my own freelance career, and I've never looked back.


Photo by Kurt Cuffy